Forbes: Almost 30% of billionaires are invested in cryptocurrencies

Forbes: Almost 30% of billionaires are invested in cryptocurrencies

American Forbes interviewed 65 “richest people in the world” and found out that almost 30% of them are invested in crypto assets.

The publication indicated that this indicator is higher than that of investors who do not have a billionth state.

About 18% of respondents reported that they hold at least Mining profitability 1% of their condition in cryptocurrencies. Most of them invest in the industry as an experiment.

80% of billionaires invested in cryptocurrencies said they invested less than one tenth of their condition. 3.2% of respondents invested more than half the condition in digital assets.

Another 10% said that they did not directly invest in cryptocurrencies, but supported the company -oriented company Coin News – Page .

One of the participants in the survey of the FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Frida said that from 76% to 100% of its capital of $ 20.6 billion is in cryptoactives.

Billionaires are increasingly coming to the industry. For example, Mark Kyuban, who previously criticized Bitcoin, is now actively investing in cryptocurrencies.

“This is no different from investing in shares, bonds and other assets. My technological actions showed the worst results than my cryptocurrency, ”he said Forbes.

The real estate involved in the billionaire John Brothers said that he would not invest directly in digital currencies, but in the Andreessen Horowitz fund oriented on them. According to him, so he is involved in the industry, avoiding "brain overheating from participation in the class of assets that you do not understand".

Experts believe that billionaires are ideal for experiments with cryptocurrencies and have resources for this:

"They are not so concerned about what will happen to the price of bitcoin next month".

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