Reviews about Chery Oriental Son…

Soundproofing is excellent, you can not hear the engine, squeaks, crickets. more The quality of the materials is again visually acceptable. In terms of technical parameters and in comparison of prices with similar devices, in general, the car is AWESOME and has no equal in our Ukrainian open spaces. The fit of the body and interior parts is visually normal (I did not measure the gaps with a ruler). Interior beige (markovaty of course) but spacious and comfortable. About handling, what can be said at all!? NORMA – after all, this is not a rally car. Separately, I want to express my gratitude to the leaders of the city of Kyiv for traffic jams! It became impossible to move around the city on 4 wheels without vertical takeoff! There is nothing to say about the reliability of the nodes yet – too little mileage. Interior beige (markovaty of course) but spacious and comfortable. Of course, my 25-year-old driving experience of a person spoiled by the Soviet car industry (episodes of driving foreign cars of this class do not count), let’s say, is not entirely suitable for a professional, quick assessment of this car – however, the subjective opinion is very positive. So far there is no one to exchange information with, for two days of trips around Kyiv – I have not met a single eastera i.e. in this regard, well, the original car. By the way dviglo pulls on black. 26.03.2007 I bought myself such a little black Chinese. The soundproofing is excellent, the engine is not audible, squeaks, crickets are not heard.

Reviews about Chery Oriental Son

I bought myself such a little black Chinese. I drove along the Borispol highway, got carried away, the speedometer needle slightly exceeded 110 (I threw the gas pedal, remembering the run-in).

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