Apple HomePod – Buyable Smart Speaker Review

Apple HomePod – Buyable Smart Speaker Review

Voice assistants are here, Amazon has released a range of Alexa-enabled smart devices, and Google has quickly followed suit. But where is Apple? The iPhone maker was arguably the first to launch the Siri assistant back in 2011, although Amazon and Google are now way ahead of Apple. I had an Apple HomePod speaker in my review.

Apple HomePod - Buyable Smart Speaker Review

What is an Apple HomePod?

The home assistant market already has a large number of products, with third-party support and compatibility with various Internet networks.

What is an Apple HomePod?

Apple does not focus on innovation, but on improving its products and always does it better than anyone else. The company introduced HomePod: an audio speaker with Siri and high-quality sound that adapts to the environment.

Will Apple’s new HomePod smart speaker live up to expectations? I spent about a day with this column and decided to share my impressions.

Apple HomePod reviews

Harmonious appearance

There is nothing special about the Apple HomePod that would make it stand out from the competition. The Apple speaker is a neat cylinder at 17 cm high and 14 cm in diameter, which is comparable to the size of the Sonos One, but it is noticeably smaller than the massive Google Home Max.

The HomePod is wrapped in a mesh acoustic translucent fabric, reminiscent of Google’s new approach to hardware. The device does not look flashy and will easily fit into your home.

Apple HomePod Design

Apple speaker hardware

Smart HomePod is equipped with 7 tweeters, each of which has an adjustable amplifier to evenly distribute sound throughout the room. For deep bass, one woofer is installed, which is located on top.

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