Italy prohibited the use of persons recognition technology

Italy prohibited the use of persons recognition technology

The Agency for Supervision of the Privacy of Data Italy prohibited the use of persons and smart glasses recognition systems. Two municipalities have already received warnings, writes Reuters.

The moratorium will act until the parliament accepts the relevant law or, at least, until the end of 2023.

The exception is cases when the technology plays a role in judicial investigations or the fight against crime.

“A moratorium arises due to the need to regulate qualification requirements, conditions and guarantees related to the recognition of persons, in accordance with the principle of proportionality,” the agency said in a statement.

According to the legislation of the European Union and Italy, the processing of personal data by the state using video capture devices, as a rule, is allowed for reasons of public interest and in connection with the activities of authorities.

However, the municipalities who want to use these technologies must conclude “urban security agreements” with representatives of the central government, added in the department.

In addition, the agency reacted to the intentions of the LECH authorities to use the recognition of persons. The municipality was obliged to provide a description of the accepted systems, their purpose and the legal basis, as well as a list of databases to which monitoring devices are addressed.

The agency also paid attention to the Tuscan city of Scratzo, where the local police planned to use infrared sensors for automatic recognition of car license plates.

Earlier, the agency fined ClearView AI for 20 million euros for violation of the EU legislation in the field of data collection for biometric identification systems.

Recall that in April the European Commission announced plans to create a giant database for recognizing persons who will share with law enforcement agencies of the EU countries.

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