Handicraft & Miniature

Jungpara has various design of handicraft and miniature that every single products have an uniqueness. we work for any design which can be customize it to your request.

Handicraft Manufacture

Jungpara Handicrafts is a manufacturer and exporter company of handicraft collections, offers some Indonesia handicraft products, including; bracelet, bamboo whistles, wooden toys, miniature guitar, music miniature, magic toys, miniature surf, natural leaf photo album, natural photo album, etc.

Custom order allowed

We can produce custom orders to suit our clients needs and are also able to develop new products and designs. We have numerous inquiries from people who have been to Indonesia and shipped back containers of products to sell from warehouses or at markets and fairs. If you are interested, we can accommodate your orders for items not shown in our catalog, especially for exports quality handicrafts.

Various types avalaible

Various types are sold in these miniatures, especially those with a very good quality and level of accuracy. The materials we use come from teak, mahogany and others. we serve the request of making miniature with a small scale, or scale as the original.


Design Inspirations