Suar wood Projects

Jungpara has various styles of suar wood projects that every single products have an uniqueness. we work for any design which can be customize it to your request.

Suar Wood Specialists

We are Indonesian solid wood furniture Manufacturers and Exporters looking for the best Suar Wood for your home and office furniture. Our woodworking workshop and warehouse is based in Jepara, Indonesia. Talk to us about your needs and we will customize your Scandinavian Beacon dining table or counter top straight from our factory without intermediaries.

Suar wood manufactures

We are a supplier and manufacture of Suar Wood aka Albizia Saman, samanea saman, tamarind wood, meh wood or South America Walnut. One of the most durable hardwoods that can be found in South America & Indonesia, strong and sturdy, so it is very suitable for furniture making.

The enormous size of the tree, usually up to 25m high, makes for beautiful designs when made into conference tables, dining tables and benches. Fine grain ribbon in a rich brown color adds some wavy patterns without taking away from the wood’s unique and true natural beauty.

Suar wood Jepara

The Suar wood source comes from fallen trunks, from trees cut down for housing development, construction projects or from trees cut and burned by local people. All wood used in our production is approved by the Ministry of Forestry and certified as environmentally friendly.

Design Inspirations