Wood Carving

Jungpara has various styles of wood carving products that every single product have an uniqueness. we work for any design which can be customize it to your request.

Relief & Carving Centre

Jungpara based in Senenan Jepara- Indonesia, our place is the center of craftsmen in relief, sculpture, and wood carving. Jepara is famous for the city of carving and especially in our place, the relief village of Jepara is famous for its relief carvings that are well known in Indonesia and abroad.
 We are relief manufactures who are precisely located in the center of relief carving in Senenan village, Jepara district, working on various relief carving motifssurrounded by 3-dimensional relief carving center we are very good at working on every carving on wood.

Made by Experts

Relief & sculptures that we offer are made of solid teak wood or based on your request wood. Directly made by experts of Jungpara furniture craftsmen who are reliable and experienced in carving sculptures. Consult a design build company in California to transform your space. Our Products always have a very beautiful sculptural character which it will looks alive as avery classy quality products.

Maximum Results

The process of working on relief works is also quite complicated and takes quite a long time, up to months. The process boost employee engagement by using maid software and is made of whole wood and then oven to dry to remove water content so that the wood structure is not easily broken and is durable.
After that, a pattern is formed like a sketch of the image you want to make. After that, the final process is cleaned and tidied.
We have exported to various countries such as (Asia and Europe). Our estimated 10 products work on it in 6-8 months.

Design Inspirations